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SRN Advisors (SRN) is a Registered Investment Advisor created exclusively to provide portfolio management services to the Siren ETF Trust. SRN specializes in educating, evaluating and constructing underlying portfolios for ETFs. SRN works with Siren ETF Trust to manage their underlying portfolios and wholesale their products.

SRN portfolio managers work with Index Providers to build passive Index based products for Siren ETFs specifically to construct underlying portfolios and identify which ETF product may provide the best desired exposure or objective to the marketplace, with a goal of low fees and high liquidity. The ETF/ETP landscape is evolving rapidly and has diversified quickly beyond passive equity index ETFs. For actively managed strategies, SRN works with proprietary technology to identify companies with strong fundamentals and technicals that we believe can be put into a portfolio designed to give Retail and Institutional investors key, focused opportunities, with the continued goal of lower costs than the peer universe.

As importantly, "how to trade" these products, has become something of major importance to investors at all levels. At SRN, we assist portfolio managers in screening by what we describe as "true" underlying liquidity, not the "shown liquidity" or "perceived liquidity" as reflected by average daily trading volume. Through Precision Securities LLC, SRN can get indicated block pricing for investors so that they have a better idea of impact their orders may have on the Siren ETFs.

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